Gramophone DJ

With our collection extensive collection 78rpm shellac discs we can provide wind up (no electricity needed so great for Eco events) music on our original 1930s gramophones. 

Our gramophones are in fantastic condition and the sound reproduction will amaze you. The music is all on original shellac recordings and we provide the highest "low-fi" you'll ever hear. The wonderful atmosphere is created instantly as soon as we start playing and can adds a special edge to your event.

We play a huge variety of events including garden parties, birthday parties, weddings, book launches, shop launches, pubs, festivals, museums,  specialist music nights and many corporate events. 

Our music ranges from the 1920's though to the late 1950's and we can gear the music to your tastes. We have a vast collection of shellac discs and can provide era specific sets: for example 20's speakeasy 1940's swing event or a 50's jive and Lindy hop. 


Contact us with your ideas and we can talk through the options with you to make sure we get everything right for your event.